The approach of our Statutory Auditor partners is based on action, exchanges and communication with a view to objectivity, transparency and independence in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore.

OPKO Finance offers audit services tailored to local regulations with local plans. OPKO Finance is responsible for creating the file annual review and statutory financial statements in accordance with local standards and regulations, and organizing the audit with a locally registered Chartered Public Accountant once agreed by the client. OPKO Finance is responsible for liaising with the auditor so that this process is the lightest and least expensive for the company.

OPKO Finance has developed a specific audit based on a thorough understanding of your organization, internal control procedures and environment. Methodology risk approach enhances our customers’ ability to detect anomalies in time within their organization. With the international experience of our staff in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore, and their extensive knowledge of the business issues, the methodology is specifically dedicated to SMEs / SMIs established in Asia.

The programme includes:


The establishment of written principles and internal procedures to-communicate the expectations of the Board and senior management about it.


Assistance in the assessment and periodic inspection of the correct application of the principles and procedures of the organization and its members.


Testing prevention techniques to avoid the potential risk of fraud.


Testing detection plane in order to strengthen prevention techniques and supervise investigations of fraud.