Philippines BPO – Data Processing

Even in this age of information, organizing and making proper use of data can be a challenge. You may understand the potential of your data, yet still be daunted by the time and costs involved in rendering it into a manageable format. We, OPKO Finance, is dedicated to enabling companies to take control of information by offering innovative data entry and data management solutions with extreme accuracy and efficiency at prices that make business sense.


We have a great experience of different organizations in multiple industries that help us to understand your requirements and implement the correct process that suit to your needs.

Whether your data currently resides in a database, traditional media, outdated format, or even if we are tasked with collecting it from the web or elsewhere, we are able to process it and deliver it by any means and in any format you require.

Most of our staff are graduated with a Bachelor. They enjoy permanent training courses. We, OPKO Finance, attach a great importance to share best experiences and practices. Our staff based in Philippines is fluent in English.


  • Technology:Accuracy, Reliability, Security
  • Efficiency/Productivity:Customized Metrics
  • Accountability:Close Monitoring,  Careful Management
  • Customer Experience:Planning and Implementation
  • Employee Satisfaction:Focus on Retention
  • Quality Assurance:Constant Monitoring and Improvement
  • Access to Best Practice