Philippines BPO – Personal Assistant

OPKO Finance is dedicated to offering educated, highly motivated personal assistants in the Philippines. In addition to recruiting very capable staff, we also support them with close supervision, state-of-the art facilities and industry-best client monitoring systems.


We have a great experience of different organizations in multiple industries that help us to understand your requirements and implement the correct process that suit to your needs. We, OPKO Finance, have developed a culture of personal assistant who commit to meet deadlines and a high quality of work. Most of our staff are graduated with a Bachelor. They enjoy permanent training courses. We, OPKO Finance, attach a great importance to share best experiences and practices. Our staff based in Philippines is fluent in English.


Our domain expertise in outsourcing customer service extends to every aspect of our operations, from recruiting the best Philippine personal assistant staff; to implementing the best technologies and providing the most effective management and oversight for your support staff.


At OPKO finance, we provide you outsourced resources that enables you to focus on your core business. Here are just some of the roles that OPKO Finance people can fill in the real estate industry:

  • Schedule, email Management
  • Online Presence Updating
  • SEO/Online Marketing
  • Presentation Creation
  • Correspondence
  • Lead Generation
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Venue Booking
  • Research, Customer Support, Bill Paying
  • Website Maintenance
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Proposal Creation
  • Data Entry/Transcription


  • Technology:Redundancy, Reliability, Results
  • Efficiency/Productivity:Customized Metrics
  • Accountability:Close Monitoring,  Careful Management
  • Customer Experience:Planning and Implementation
  • Employee Satisfaction:Focus on Retention
  • Quality Assurance:Constant Monitoring and Improvement
  • Client Integration:Applying Core Metrics to Client Vision
  • Flexibility:Speed to Market
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Access to Best Practices